Safety Tips

UPdate is a service that connects people together. Through Anonchat and Matchmaking, people who have never met before are making new and meaningful relationships.

However, in all this fun and excitement of meeting people for the first time online, your safety is still the number one priority. There are certain guidelines to help you navigate and enjoy your UPdate experience both online and offline

We ask you to take your time in reading the tips and guidelines below and strongly recommend you to follow these for your own personal safety and well-being. However, in the end its still your own actions and you are always the best judge of your own safety.


Online Behavior

Protect Your Finances & Never Send Money or Financial Information

Never send money or financial information –  even if the person claims to be in an emergency. Report this incident to us immediately at our email:, specify your email and a brief account of the situation.

Protect Your Personal Information

Never give any personal information, such as: your student number, credit card number or bank information, or address to people you don’t know or trust or haven’t met in person. Only UPboiz ( can send you an email asking for your UPdate account credentials. Otherwise, any such communication should be reported immediately. Anyone that claims to be a developer or part of UPboiz and asks for your credentials or sensitive information is fraudulent. Report immediately.

Be Web Wise

Report suspicious users. You can report concerns about any suspicious user anonymously at any time on UPdate – while swiping or after you’ve matched. If user is suspicious keep conversations on the platform and resist attempts to move conversation to text, personal email or phone conversations or disconnect from the conversation and report it to us.

Report All Suspicious Behavior

Additionally, please report anyone who violates our Terms and Conditions.

Examples of terms of use violations include:

  • Asks you for money for pyramid schemes and other fraudulent activities
  • Minors using the platform
  • Users sending harassing or offensive messages
  • Users behaving inappropriately after meeting in person
  • Fraudulent registration or profiles.
  • Using another student’s email


Offline Behavior

First meetings are exciting, but always take precautions and follow these guidelines to help you stay safe:

Know the other person

At first, keep conversations limited to the platform when you don’t really know the other person. Establish trust and get to know them first before establishing communications outside the platform.

Meet and Date in Public

If meeting for the first time, even if trust is already established, it is always advisable to meet in a populated public place, don’t meet at a private or remote place especially at your home or apartment. If your date insists, cut communication and abandon the date.

Inform your Friends and/or Family members of your plans

It’s always better to tell a friend or family member your plans and when and where you’re going. Give a rough estimate of the length of the date and update them on the status of the date. Make sure you have your phone is charged as you never want to be cut off from the outside world.

Transport Yourself to and from the Meeting

Avoid being fetched or being accompanied by your Date to the meeting place or back to you house. Be independent and in control of your own transportation, especially in case things don’t happened as planned.

Stay Sober

Alcohol in sufficient quantities impairs your judgement and can put you in danger. On your first date or meeting, it is not recommended to consume alcohol to help keep a clear mind in case something bad happens. Be aware that bad actors might be more emboldened to take advantage of you if you are drunk.